London Christmas Tree installation

Community Christmas Trees provides a number of Christmas tree installation options for homes and businesses in London.

Cut base

Our most basic Christmas tree installation service involves making a fresh cut to the bottom of the tree's trunk. This is something we strongly advise as it allows the tree to start taking up water again, keeping it fresher, for longer. Not everyone has a saw handy, so if you would like us to cut the end of your Christmas tree for your when we deliver it, just choose this option.

Basic Christmas tree installation

Our next installation option consists of our cutting the end of the trunk, placing the Christmas tree straight in its stand and removing its net. Please note that we don't supply a stand for this service – we will work with your stand or your can buy one of ours if you don't already have one.

Installation with lights

As above, but with Christmas tree lights placed on the tree. Please note that we don't provide the lights but will either use your Christmas tree lights or any lights you purchase from us.

Full Decoration

Our decoration service includes all of the above, but in addition we will fully decorate your Christmas tree.